The Central Baptist Association was organized in 1836 and held annual session continuously until 1923. The churches of this association comprised the churches of Madison county, Gibson county, and part of Carroll and Weakly counties. At the meeting of the association, which was held with the Laneview Church in Trenton, September 12 and 13, 1923, a motion prevailed to divide the Central Baptist Association and in its stead, organize separate associations for Gibson and Madison counties. As a result the Gibson County Missionary Baptist Association was organized and held its first annual session with the Humboldt Baptist Church, September 19 and 20, 1924.

General Information:

There are 55 churches currently in our association. Eight associational missionaries have served in the GBA.

  • Charles Wingo; 1943-47
  • Bill Pitt, Sr. 1954-60
  • E. R. Alexander, 1959-60
  • Barney Flowers, 1960-68
  • Lyman McDonald 1969-72
  • Kenneth Sparkman 1973-99
  • Mike Kemper 1999-2006
  • Roger Stacy 2007-present

Support for the association comes from the 55 churches, which is essential! In order for the association to exist and thrive it must have support by prayer, leadership, participation, and finances.